“Ron and Yvonne are pros at providing creativity and professionalism. When I offer them a photography assignment, I always know it will be done on time, within my budget, and that the images will be fabulous. They give me exactly what I need every time, and they are truly a pleasure to work with.”

Debbie Hurst, Design Director, Sacramento magazine

“Sacramento has a host of very good food photographers but one of my very favorites is Ron Schwager and his beautiful wife, Yvonne. Why? Because they turn my dishes into works of art.”

Biba Caggiano, restauranteur (Biba’s), cookbook author, TV personality

“Ron Schwager and Schwager Photography has worked with Black Bear Diner for over 7 years acting as our primary photographer. Main focus has been all of our food photography, but they have also supported us in all of our photographic needs. I have found Ron and his team to always be professional in both his skills as well as his handling of our needs. The quality of his work has always been of the highest quality. In addition, I have really appreciated his flexibility in working within our objectives while also maintaining high standards of the artistic requirements within photography. I highly recommend Ron and Schwager photography. Please do not hesitate to contact me with additional information.”

David Doty, Chief Marketing Officer,Black Bear Diners, Inc.

“Amazing Photography! They have a real talent bringing photos to a work of art!”

Mark Platt, Vice President of Concept Development

“Ron Schwager provides personalized service and excellent workmanship. His photos capture true smiles, personality, and technical artistry. Ron consistently produces images of the highest quality within a very short timeframe.”

Sharon Cuglietta, Marketing Coordinator, Enloe Medical Center

“Ron Schwager's work should not be referred to as photography. Describing it as art doesn't really do it justice. He has a very unique ability to connect the image with the viewer. When I look at Ron's images I feel as though I'm with the subject matter...enjoying the aroma of the food or hearing the geese take flight. It's more than a visual experience, so much more.”

J.T. Thompson, CEO, Rice Grower, Thompson Family Farmsr

“...my art director and I are the proverbial “one-armed paper hangers” servicing over 300 franchise “clients”, so time spent away from the office art directing photo shoots is time we have to make up nights and weekends. Ron and Yvonne understand our company, our needs, our product. With a minimal amount of our time and a quick sketch, we can turn them loose on a project without worry, knowing they will deliver not only what we ask for, but with their ever-artistic minds, they will always include creative twists we never considered. Definitely a bonus! They are masters with models, props and lighting and always deliver beyond our expectations. Since 2003, they have been making us look good.”

“Ron is part of my creative team, always positive, always eager to please, and so easy-going under often stressful conditions. And he believes, as I do, that when we pay for something, we own it. With Ron, you will never have to negotiate for rights, royalties and usage fees. And I always know, in advance, what it will cost me.”

“You can spend a fortune paying for the name, the fancy studio, the entourage and luxury car, getting one or two shots you must live with, and then paying over and over again for each use. Or, you can pay a reasonable price for top quality, creative photography with multiple choices that you own forever. It’s up to you.”

Jay Haws, Vice President, Creative,
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc., Durango, Colorado